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Hutch Open

Hutch Open

PanelX Hutch
From 24" to 84" Wide

Assembly Instructions for Product Codes:

PX241533-HT-OP        PX721533-HT-OP        PX541536-HT-OP

PX301533-HT-OP        PX781533-HT-OP        PX601536-HT-OP

PX361533-HT-OP        PX841533-HT-OP        PX661536-HT-OP

PX421533-HT-OP        PX241536-HT-OP        PX721536-HT-OP

PX481533-HT-OP        PX301536-HT-OP        PX781536-HT-OP

PX541533-HT-OP        PX361536-HT-OP        PX841536-HT-OP

PX601533-HT-OP        PX421536-HT-OP

PX661533-HT-OP        PX481536-HT-OP


PanelX Inserts

PanelX Inserts

PanelX Inserts

Assembly Instructions Applies to all Fabric, Clear Ribbed, Bronze Ribbed, Frosted Acrylic, and Laminate Inserts.