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MY ZONE desking breaks the workplace down into three essential zones: the Work zone, the
We zone, and the Me zone.
Work Zone: The WORK zone is characterized as an agile space that may be used for concentrated work,
teamwork, and management tasks.
We Zone: The WE zone is designed for communal activities, offering the ideal environment for collaboration
and communication in a variety of settings and compositions.
Me Zone: ME zones offer a space for concentrated work and privacy.
MY ZONE is focused on creating human-centered workplaces offering a contemporary solution that
achieves aesthetic harmony across an entire office environment.






My Zone (STUDIO)

MY ZONE desking system focuses on the design factors that create an effective workplace, including knowledge, worker engagement, satisfaction, performance, and organizational culture.
MY ZONE was designed based on the idea that there are a variety of zones within a workspace, as today’s workplace is not a “one size fits all” solution.








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