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Social Responsibility

Our commitment to social responsibility is a core value; it is directly linked to the health and well being of our employees, the communities we serve, and the environment.

We are committed to achieving sustainable growth that benefits our shareholders, customers, employees, and communities. Therefore, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of conduct in relation to society and the communities and institutions with which we interact.
Corporate Social Responsibility Statement
At OFGO, we are committed to advancing our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies and procedures to ensure that we address all aspects of CSR relevant to our business. 
We strive to attain our CSR goals through:
  1. Operating in a responsible manner towards employees through fair and equitable practices.
  2. Ensuring operations meet health and safety standards.
  3. Promoting environmental stewardship through sustainable management of resources.
  4. Conforming to consumer protection laws and regulations that aim to protect the rights of consumers.
  5. Supporting diversity in our workforce.
  6. Implementing sound corporate governance practices.