Cassio Ergonomic specifically designed to support weight by distributing it evenly; an effective solution to unwanted back pain. There are various ways in which Cassio Ergonomic seating options help support the unwanted pressure placed on your body when you sit.

Ultra-tilt function allows seat and back to tilt and lock in position

Contoured backrest to support the natural curve of your spine

+/- 2” Back height adjustment for comfort and back support

Supportive cushions support and distribute users weight evenly

Lumbar Support: The lumbar (bottom five vertebrate in the spine) is supported with seat and back incline options.

Arm Support: The use of a chair’s armrests is a key variable in reducing lumbar disc pressure. Adjustable armrests help shift the weight of your body so that it is not entirely on the seat and back but also on the armrests. The adjustability also prevents the shoulders from becoming overly stressed.

Foot Support: Pneumatic seat height control allows a seat’s height to be increased or decreased to accommodate individual preferences. Using a chair at an appropriate height helps keep your feet supported and comfortable, preventing lower back problems.

Knee Support: Seat tilt and depth control allows a seat to be adjusted to accommodate the length of your legs, avoiding unwanted pressure behind your knees.

Circulation Support: When sitting in any space for a prolonged period of time it is essential to ensure healthy blood circulation. Seat tilt mechanisms allow for the adjustment of seat and back angles; utilizing these mechanisms in concert with good foot support will allow healthy blood circulation.