Since 1980, OFGO STUDIO has been a comprehensive manufacturer of office furniture with experience in creating high performance workplace environments that fulfill the changing needs of the marketplace. 

We embrace research and design to bring innovative ideas, products, and services to the North American furniture marketplace. 

OFGO STUDIO represents a unique culture: a genuine fellowship of equals. Our philosophy of friendship and excellence is reflected in the beauty and craftsmanship of our products.


What do you see on your horizon? We see an opportunity to take a vision and turn it into a living workspace. An opportunity to ask ourselves, “how can we add value and redefine the way we work and learn”?

LIVE YOUR VISION. With an abundance of free-flowing customization possibilities at your fingertips, OFGO STUDIO works hard to take your vision and turn it into a living reality.

LOVE YOUR SPACE. This simple statement is the edict by which we want our customers to live. To have a space that embraces function, beauty, productivity, comfort, and happiness.

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Our mission is to create the highest quality products and make them universally attainable – because we believe that everyone deserves the best – and we can easily define how we deliver value by offering superior construction methodologies that surpass all others, including;

– Duratek Construction
– Jigsaw Construction
– Reforce Construction
– INVISA Edgeband Technology
– Premium TFL Solutions
– Surface+


The shape of an organization is defined by its people, and the shape that their environment takes is defined by the way it is used. 

Our manufacturing practices are built around the process of made-to-order design flexibility. In doing so we operate in a manner in which we have the capability to manage projects of various scale and scope while still remaining nimble and flexible. 

Many of the products we build start around the premise of flexibility and allow for endless space planning possibilities. This made-to-order design philosophy allows our customers to create a space that embraces their corporate culture.


As an organization our culture is progressive, diverse, and welcoming.

We believe in an inclusive culture.
We believe in building relationships.
We believe in communication.
We have a cohesive nature.

And we design our products in the same nature: to be cohesive, to be inclusive, and to promote a sense of community.

This is accomplished through the vision of design compatibility. Various OFGO STUDIO products can work together in unison to provide a high level of design flexibility – A true design compatible family.


Through every step in our products’ life cycles, we consider our environmental impact in order to pursue sustainable practices and designs.

Behind the scenes, our employees work hard to attain our environmental performance goals, such as building low VOC furniture that meets and exceeds Greenguard emission standards for interior spaces, leveraging natural resources in product development like sustainably harvested wood products, and cultivating an atmosphere that embraces the health and preservation of our ecosystem.

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Everything we do can make a difference.

Our innovation and design initiatives not only entail improving the quality, style, and flexibility of our offerings but also focus on reducing our environmental footprint. By choosing lower impact materials and creating waste reduction programs, we are working towards a sustainable presence in our environment. Our areas of environmental concentration include energy efficiency & climate awareness, workplace air quality, recycled content & end of life recyclability, sustainable distribution, and environmental stewardship. OFGO STUDIO is committed to meeting Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. LEED is a certification system designed to promote sustainable building and development practices. Our products can contribute to various LEED points for commercial interiors, existing buildings, and new construction.

Healthier People. Healthier Planet.

People spend about 90 percent of their time indoors, where they may be exposed to thousands of airborne pollutants. At OFGO STUDIO, we work to prevent indoor air pollutants at their source. A variety of of our products have been tested to meet Indoor Air Quality certification standards. Indoor Air Quality certified products are tested and screened for more than 10,000 individual volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are required to meet stringent health-based emissions levels for over 350 VOCs.