DURATEK is a proven construction method that is engineered to create a tough, durable frame, resulting in proven longevity and superior comfort.

The unique modularity of OFGO STUDIO’s DURATEK construction technology offers an optimal solution for high traffic areas, including educational facilities, healthcare facilities, and commercial workplaces.

The DURATEK construction method involves utilizing steel as a replacement to traditional hardwood construction.

Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material, allowing for superior durability. The frame developed in OFGO’s DURATEK construction method is inorganic, fire resistant, and will not rot, split, crack, twist, or warp overtime like a typical hardwood frame would.

Best of all, the DURATEK construction method allows for true modularity with easy parts replacement. Each DURATEK lounge seating product allows for the feet, arms, seat cushion, and back to be attached separately. If a replacement part is required, there is no need to spend additional resources on ordering a completely new item; rather you can simply order a specific part.

The DURATEK construction method utilizes 100% recyclable material and meets Indoor Air Quality certification standards for healthier interiors.