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Schedule for Office Furniture – FSC Group 71, Part 1
Contract Number: GS-28F-0046Y
DUNS#: 24-214-8500
NCAGE Code: L0658
NAICS#: 337214

Special Item Numbers (SIN): 
SIN 711 1 – Furniture Systems and Workstation Clusters (MAS SIN 33721)
SIN 711 2 – Worksurfaces, Workstations, Computer Furniture and Accessories (MAS SIN 33721)
SIN 711 3 – Filing and Storage Cabinets, Shelves, Mobile Carts, Dollies, Racks & Accessories (MAS SIN 33721)
SIN 711 8 – Executive Office Furniture (MAS SIN 33721)
SIN 711 9 – Executive Conference Room Furniture, Coordinated Tables, Case Pieces and Accessories (MAS SIN 33721)
SIN 711 11 – Tables and Accessories (MAS SIN 33721)
SIN 711 16 – Upholstered Seating (MAS SIN 33721)
SIN 711 17 – Multiple Seating (MAS SIN 33721)
SIN 711 18 – Multipurpose Seating (MAS SIN 33721)
SIN 711 19 – Stacking Chairs and Dollies or Trucks Designed to Support Stacking Chairs (MAS SIN 33721)
SIN 711 94 – Office Design/Layout Services (MAS SIN OLM)
SIN 711 95 – Office Furniture Installation (MAS SIN OLM)

Services Ordering/Payment Information: 
452 Millway Ave, Concord, ON, L4K3V7
T. 800-374-3375 
F. 800-329-9374
Orders and payment must be made to DSI Industries Inc. as noted above. DSI Industries Inc. is an independent member of the OFGO group of companies.
Payments/Orders made directly to OFGO will need to be revised accordingly to DSI Industries Inc.

For more information, download our GSA Contract Specifications Sheet below.