MY ZONE desking’s thoughtful design creates work environments that are simple and flexible.

Offering configurations that support a variety of work styles, space division, privacy, and storage needs, MY ZONE exemplifies a seamless blend of furniture functionality, connectivity, storage, and media integration that harmonizes with interior architecture.

Modular components embrace the frequent changes in growing organizations

Riser legs offer different heights for a light & airy workstation style

End supports available for single-sided and double-sided frames

Can be combined with PanelX privacy dividers

In today’s business environment, change occurs rapidly. Individual work styles and corporate strategies are developing faster than the foundation that supports them. Products that support a broad spectrum of planning strategies and undefined future requirements are a necessity.

From private offices to collaborative spaces, MY ZONE’s flexible palette of products offers a complete solution to the agile workplace.

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The MY ZONE desking system focuses on the design factors that create an effective workplace, including knowledge, worker engagement, satisfaction, performance, and organizational culture. MY ZONE was designed based on the idea that there are a variety of zones within a workspace, as today’s workplace is not a “one size fits all” solution.

The WORK ZONE is characterized as an agile space that may be used for concentrated work, teamwork, and management tasks.

The ME ZONE offers a space for concentrated work and privacy.

The WE ZONE is designed for communal activities, offering the ideal environment for collaboration and communication in a variety of settings and compositions.