Challenger (Grade 3)

Content: 100% PVC
Backing: 100% Polyester
Abrasion: 1,500,000 Double Rubs
Lightfastness: AATCC 16.3, Grade 4 (1,500 hours)
Flammability: CALTB117-2013, IMO FTP Code 2010 – Part 8, MVSS302, NFPA 260 Class 1, UFAC Class 1
Width: 55 inches
Cleaning Code: W – Clean fabrics with water-based cleaning agents or water based foam. Challenger is cleanable with Virox 5, Oxivir Plus, Oxivir TB, Accel Five, Oasis 146 and bleach (**proper dilution ratios must be followed.  Must be rinsed with clean water and dried with a clean cloth). Online color swatches will not display the textile with 100% accuracy.

This fabric is not suggested for use on tackboards or PanelX dividers.