Constructed with OFGO STUDIO’s unique Duratek construction methodology, the TRIBUTE collection is engineered with a durable steel frame, resulting in proven longevity and superior comfort.

Unique duratek steel frame construction for enhanced durability

Seat, back, cushion, skirt, arms, and legs may be replaced separately if damaged, preventing the need to re-order a complete sofa

Well suited for high traffic areas, educational, or corporate facilities

Seat cushions are clipped into place using snap on hooks, preventing sliding and allowing for easy cleaning

The DURATEK construction method involves utilizing steel as a replacement to traditional hardwood construction. The frame developed in OFGO’s DURATEK construction method is inorganic, fire resistant, and will not rot, split, crack, twist, or warp overtime like a typical hardwood frame would.

Best of all, the DURATEK construction method allows for true modularity with easy parts replacement. Each DURATEK lounge seating product allows for the feet, arms, seat cushion, and back to be attached separately. If a replacement part is required, there is no need to spend additional resources on ordering a completely new item; rather you can simply order a specific part.

Modern elegance defines the Tribute collection. Its clean lines and fine detailing make the TRIBUTE collection a comfortable, stylish solution that is ideal for a multitude of spaces. This series includes one, two, and three-seat lounge models that feature a high-density, high-resiliency foam seat and backrest, and removable seat cushions. Choose contemporary silver post legs or the more traditional wooden legs for a look that best suits your environment. The TRIBUTE collection is available with a swivel tablet and cup holder, allowing users to quickly transform a chair into a collaborative space.

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